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Visiting Armagh? Stay with us

Wine, dine and experience our award winning accommodation and venue

Armagh city hotel and accommodation: Staying at Basil Sheils accommodation is set in a beautiful and picturesque country setting boasting a fantastic bar, restaurant and events venue that is sure to impress, with it's charismatic nooks and cosy corners or choose our large main bar area or restaurant for great food.  A great stay at Basil Sheils is characterized by various factors that contribute to the overall guest experience.

Excellent customer service: Friendly, attentive, and helpful staff who go above and beyond to meet guests' needs and ensure a comfortable stay.

Clean and comfortable: Comfortable beds, clean rooms, and well-maintained facilities that create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Location: A convenient and safe location close to Armagh city, onsite bars and restaurants, safe and ample car parking.

Attention to detail: Thoughtful touches like welcome amenities, fresh flowers, and personalised services that make guests feel valued.

Transparency and fair pricing: Transparent pricing and no hidden fees, providing good value for money.

Effective communication: Prompt and clear communication with guests regarding reservations, updates, and other necessary information.

Delicious dining options: On-site restaurant as well as convenient and delicious bar menu, with diverse choice and high-quality food, catering to various dietary preferences.

Easy check-in and check-out processes: Streamlined procedures that minimize waiting times and hassle during arrival and departure.

Environmental sustainability: Efforts to implement eco-friendly practices and reduce the accomodations's environmental impact.

Flexibility: Being accommodating and responsive to guests' requests and preferences.

Consistency: Providing a consistently high level of service and experience across all aspects of the accommodation.

A good night's sleep: We don't and never  underestimate the value of a good nights sleep for our customers, and we have taken this into account for our customer experience regards noise and comfort.

Ultimately, a great hotel stay leaves guests feeling cared for, relaxed and satisfied, positive and eager to return for future visits or to recommend the Basil Sheils to others. It's the combination of these factors that creates a memorable and positive guest experience and you can be assured when you stay with us at Basil Sheils you get all of the above and more.

Armagh city hotel accommodation

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